Natalie was never an overly active child. A lack of confidence in her athletic abilities coupled with less than stellar coordination lead her to pursue the more creative and academic side of life. By her early twenties she had finished a schooling marathon that left her sluggishly unhealthy, with a master’s degree, and much confusion about her chosen path. Though she had done all the “right” things in pursing her career, she felt very unfulfilled.

Unhappy with her physical state and lack of energy, Natalie began an intensive workout regiment. After the first few weeks, she knew she had found something transformational. Not only a healthier lifestyle, but a community of individuals with whom to share her passion. Through this community she truly came to yoga.

Initially seeking relief for sore muscles, Natalie gained that and so much more. She found the confidence she lacked in her physical abilities; she found strength that she never could have imagine lived inside of her. But the more she explored yoga, the more she wanted to learn. And so, she began her yoga teacher training to deepen her understanding.

As the healing aspects of yoga fully opened up to her, Natalie found peace, acceptance and self love. It was this knowledge she gained in training, special connections she made at Inspirit and the overwhelming unconditional support of her family and friends that gave her the confidence to leave her corporate job and pursue her passion of helping her community through yoga.

“Your healing belongs not just to you, but to all beings.”

                                                                – Paul Ferrini